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Is this an official Web3 Foundation website?

No, the hub (Polkahub) is a community-run website intended to provide knowledge and tools necessary to effectively navigate and use the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem, collectively known as "Dotsama".

What services will this website offer?

This is not a service website - it is a free resource by the community for the community. The content on this website will be educational, geared towards non-technical users, with a separate section for developers on how to get started building user-focused Web3 applications for Dotsama. We also intend to publish various videos, tutorials, and podcasts as part of the knowledgebase. has also absorbed the popular Dot Leap Newsletter, which you can subscribe to to be kept up to date with both developments, and developments in the Polkadot ecosystem at large.

Is this a paid website?

This is not a paid website. You will never need to pay to access any content on this website.